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Patrol Officer



SECURTEC District Patrol, Inc., the official Patrol contractor for many Service and Utility Districts in Orange County and surrounding area's, is currently seeking a qualified, professional Patrol Officer. This position is a permanent part-time, 30-hour per week commitment.

SECURTEC is currently seeking an individual that confidently possess the following professional attributes:


> First and foremost, be a professional that takes great pride in providing excellent service.

> Possess a fully dedicated set of work habits and professional ethics.

> Take, apply and understand directives and policies issued by management.

> Be a quick learner and be able to make quick and accurate decisions under pressure.

> Posses excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

> Remain calm under adverse pressures and still perform like a champion.

> Have excellent driving skills with a clean DMV background.

> Communicate on a professional level with Client Management and Police Officers.

> Complete duties quickly, efficiently and accurately.

> Be completely computer literate with a Windows PC environment.

> Maintain your equipment with a sense of pride.

> Be able to address or adjust your field duties upon immediate request.

> Know that you are Confident and Competent to address any situation.

> Posses a CA Guard Card with CPR | AED & First Aid Certifications (CPR-AED-First Aid can be obtained post hire)



Please use our Employment Application and submit your resume HERE


Please Note:

You must first submit your application and resume in order to initiate the interview process. No walk-in applicants can be interviewed without this first step of resume submission. Thank you for your interest in a possible employment opportunity with SECURTEC District Patrol, Inc.

SECURTEC District Patrol, Inc, uses:








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