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Parking Citation Information



I received a ticket - now what?


Failure to pay or contest the citation within 21-days (calendar days) of issuance will cause a penalty increase added to the original penalty and notification made to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to refuse registration of the vehicle until the penalty is paid per C.V.C. Section(s) 4760 & 40207. When any vehicle is registered in California or a foreign jurisdiction is found on a highway or off street public parking facility and that vehicle has five (5) or more unpaid parking citations that have been issued over a period of (5) days or more, the vehicle may be impounded under C.V.C. Section(s) 22651 (i)(l).

School District Violations - Current Bail Range - $32 to $58


>General guidelines for School Zone Enforcement - citation issued:

1. Fire Lanes and Red Zones - designated parking only

2. 30-Minute parking exceeded

3. No permit displayed or displayed improperly

4. Expired Permit

5. Handicapped Only or No Placard Displayed

Permit Zones - Current Bail Ranges - $35 to $58


>General guidelines for Permit Zone Enforcement - citation issued:

1. No permit displayed or displayed improperly

2. Permit is forged or altered

3. Permit number reported lost or stolen or currently invalid

4. Permit out of date with issue period

5. Permit not affixed properly to vehicle

6. Permit does not match the license plate it was issued to


Municipal Zones - Current Bail Ranges - $35 to $458


>Many violations in this catagory

1. Please refer to your citation copy for specific bail information.

2.Need Additional information? LOGIN in RED highlighted section>


Additional Reference Information

Please visit the following website if you have received a citation in a School District or Municipal zone:


Municipal Citation Search


Questions Regarding a Municipal or School Zone Citation

If you received a citation on private property and your location is under contract with SECURTEC Parking Enforcement, please visit the following website to search for your citation information:


Private Property Citation Information




SECURTEC is performing official State, County or Municipal business during the course of providing Parking Enforcement Services under contract. 

Any attempt to interfere, obstruct, be combative, commit battery or assault in any manner, or damage vehicles or equipment, will result in law enforcement intervention and you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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