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Patrol Professionals + Parking Enforcement Specialists = Expert Services - Delivered.


SECURTEC provides our clients with an acquired and expertly applied set of service skills that will far exceed your expectations, year after year. It is this elite level of seemlessly integrated services that you will become familiar with during your contract term with SECURTEC.








SECURTEC District Patrol has clearly defined our Patrol Operations as a specialized service. For over 35-years, SECURTEC has been considered the professionals choice to meet multiple enforcement considerations that seamlessly integrate into your agencies operations. SECURTEC efficiently and effectively integrates a wide range of enforcement resources and core competencies to provide unique and timely solutions that typically exceed our clients stated needs and expectations.




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SECURTEC has designed our Municipal Service options to be the most complete set of available services in the Private Enforcement industry. Well defined operational guidelines have produced a complete set of refined operations that will seamlessly integrate into your Municipal Agency. If you are seeking a service that will take the time to educate, with professional respect, the residents during our enforcement periods, SECURTEC is the answer. Residents will have questions. A professional, timely response can solve many issues. SECURTEC offers a host of Municipal service options.


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From running a quick report, to reviewing incidents or observations on your property, or checking how many violations exist for a specific vehicle, SECURTEC has you covered.

Does your City or HOA need a Permit program? SECURTEC can expertly design, implement and administer your Permits. We can create a new program or update your current one. Or you can administer permits, and even issue dashboard safelist info to guests via email.

Database systems are encrypted and secured in the cloud for reliable information protection.

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