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Commercial - Patrol

Commercial locations demand exacting security coverage. Simply showing up at your facilities may be enough for other companies, however SECURTEC takes our Patrol services to another level. There are a host of items to be completed during a office park Patrol. Documentation of specific observations can make the difference between a severe safety hazard or safe and secure work environment for staff and visitors. The SECURTEC Officer is well versed and trained to provide commercial office park inspections and provide detailed services as follows:


1. General condition of doors, gates, perimeter fences

2. Property damage, such as graffiti, building or sign damage

3. Safety hazards such as trip and fall observations

4. Lighting conditions - broken, non-operational - missing lights

5. Water flow issues - running, broken heads, possible leaks

6. Complete Parking Enforcement

7. Landscape observations - unusual circumstances reported

8. Sign design assistance to ensure PC and CVC compliance.

HOA - Parking Services

Parking Enforcement within Homeowners Associations must be specific and recorded with pin-point accuracy when enforcing CC&R's related to possible towing against multiple violations. This is where a dedicated, multi-faceted , cloud based database comes in (read below).


Our complete set of parking enforcement related observational capabilities ensure that your program will have a solid, well-defined course of action follow-through, fully documented and duly filed in your own parking database provided by SECURTEC.


If you have been considering a permit program, or need to update your current permit program, SECURTEC is your answer. Our permit vendor has been providing all types of permit applications for over 30-years. Fade resistant and embossed with your own holographic image (to eliminate photo-copying) these permits can even include a 2-D barcode that can be read with hand-held devices that directly associate the permit with that particular vehicle.

Commercial - Parking

Your location may be the best place for someone to "think" this is a great location to store their vehicle, place a "For Sale" sign on it, and foget about it for the next couple of weeks. What these persons don't think about is the fact that SECURTEC is on the job watching your property for just such activity.


Our Officer's will mark and place a warning notice on the vehicle for 72-hours to remove, and contact the property manager to obtain authorization to remove the vehicle after the expiration of 72-hours. You will receive a detailed report outlining all subsequent facts.



Database Access

Property Managers and key Board Members receive their own Username and Passwords. This provides a quick and easy way for key Association members to review, print, or send specific data as needed for reporting purposes.


This access also keeps a watch on parking related activity on your property. The database is available 24/7/365 and is securely based in an encrypted, cloud based storage facility with the latest software updated at strategic periods to ensure compliance with the latest security protection.

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