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Municipal Services



Parking Enforcement Services


SECURTEC has designed our Municipal Service options to be the most complete set available in the Private Enforcement industry. Well defined operational guidelines have produced a complete set of refined operations that will seamlessly integrate into your Municipal Agency.


If you are seeking a service that will take the time to educate, with professional respect, the residents during our enforcement periods, SECURTEC is the answer. Residents will have questions. A professional, timely response can solve many issues.


SECURTEC offers a host of Municipal service options:


Street Sweeping Enforcement

a. Patrol Vehicle equipped with one or two Enforcement Officer's

b. Flexible scheduling - 4-hour minimum shift periods

c. Monthly flat-rate invoicing provides consistent budget forecasting

d. Available automated ticket-writers and/or delivery to DMV processing agent


Permit Zone Enforcement

e. Quick and simple citation issue provided in any permit zone

f. Redirection of staff resources ensures target specific area enforcement


City Wide Parking Enforcement

g. Complete parking enforcement services of any non-moving violations.

h. Reporting completed via City sService systems with a unique parking enforcement format designed by SECURTEC

i. All equipment and ticketing inventory maintained by SECURTEC.

j. Rent ticketing and printing equipment through SECURTEC and receive all software updates with guaranteed replacement and upgrading for a small monthly fee.


Tickets | Permits | Processing


SECURTEC can take your current parking enforcement system and wholly integrate the entire operation under one department. This will reduce or eliminate City staff resources and produce a literal "turnkey" parking division operated and maintained (with City oversight) by SECURTEC and our ticketing partners. Our system consists of:


Citation Design Services

Complete design services are available for your specific ticketing requirements.


City Permit Programs

Permit systems and a resident qualification and distribution system, including sign design in compliance with CVC specifications, is also available.


Citation Processing Services

SECURTEC works with several select services, both locally and nationally to ensure that your processing capabilities remain on the forefront of technology.


Automated Ticketing Equipment

General maintenance, care and custody of this equipment.


Mobile Broadband Access

To ensure fast access to our partner websites and City databases or reporting services. City pre-authorization is required for DMV or CLETS access.


Unique Communication Abilities.

Easily route calls to a specialized voice-mail thread which utilizes and facilitates a citizen reporting telephone line, messaged directly to Parking Officer's.


This open reporting architecture ensures clear communication paths for residents.



Vehicle Options | Database Access

SECURTEC will custom brand our vehicles to your Municipal Agency's specifications. Custom branding ensures a clean, professional appearance and will represent your City in a respectful way.


Mobile Data Systems will ensure compliance with all CLETS or DMV record information (encrypted and secure). These systems are maintained by SECURTEC and provide our clients with immediate citation management capability - from issuance to processing.


Private Parking Enforcement by SECURTEC benefits our Municipal clients in many ways:


Our Service (Operations and Personnel) are Professional - Your City will be well represented.

> Your expenses will decrease through our enforcement efficiency

Typically, you will have no start-up investment - we are ready to enforce.

Scheduling is flexible - alternating enforcement periods can ensure coverage continuity or budget constraints.

Impounding of CVC 22651(O) violations

Storage of CVC 22651(K) violations

Completion of the CHP-180 Form for all involved towing

> SECURTEC provides relief of Emergency personnel and Code Enforcement away from Parking Enforcement duties


If you have a service need, SECURTEC can certainly provide the professional coverage and service-specific operations to get the job done, on time and within budget.


We invite you to contact us:


(714) 481.0181 - Ext. 2

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