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Water District Services



Facility Patrol Experts

Water Districts demand exacting security coverage. Simply showing up at your facilities may be enough for other companies, however SECURTEC takes our Patrol services to another level. There are a host of items to be completed during a processing or administration facility Patrol. Documentation of specific observations can make the difference between a severe safety hazard or a secure environment.


The SECURTEC Officer is well versed and trained to provide water processing facility inspections and provide detailed Patrol services as follows:


> Condition of doors, gates, perimeter fences

> Property damage - building or sign damage > Safety hazards - trip and fall observations

> Lighting conditions - broken, non-operational - missing lights

> Water flow issues - running, broken heads, possible leaks

> Parked service fleet observations

> Landscape observations - missing or broken items.

Special Deployment Services

Everything is in condition green and running smoothly, then it happens - a line burst in the line-of-sight of the general public. Time is of the essence and work crews need to address the condition without distractions. SECURTEC can provide the immediate coverage required to maintain the crews concentration. Of ourse, this is just one example of a special deployment.


Call response is also a vital part of our service - response highlights include:


 > Alarm Response - checking all doors and windows

> Staff ID checks on all false alarm conditions > Confirmation of alarm conditions and subsequent reporting

> Observation and reporting on any call response activity

> All arrest activity reported to Police authority for disposition

> Complete reporting completed for Supervision and Site Management.

Industry Best Reporting

Officer response and assistance is just part of the security equation. Accurate and detailed reporting is vital to your Site Managers to follow up on issues observed by Patrol staff.


We present you with a complete set of operational standards that include:


> In Vehicle computer access for expedited report delivery - instantly.

> Computer availability ensures District information confirmation

> History of prior contact or incident is immediately available

> Reports delivered via email at 7:30 am, every morning

> District staff can review or address issues before normal business hours


We invite you to contact us. If you have a service need, SECURTEC can certainly provide the professional coverage and service-specific operations to get the job done.


(714) 481.0181 - Ext. 2

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